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Spa etiquette

1. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed in the wellness area under parental supervision!

2. All our guests can only use our services at their own risk!

3. Jumping into the pools, playing ball and disturbing the peace and quiet of bathers is prohibited!

4. Fragile objects and food are not allowed in the wellness area!

5. Pets are not allowed in the wellness area!

6. Drunk or intoxicated persons are not allowed in the wellness area!

7. Guests suffering from fever, infectious diseases or skin diseases are not allowed to use the services of the wellness area!

8. Smoking is allowed in designated areas of the hotel!

9. We cannot be held responsible for valuables left unattended in the wellness area!

10. Showering before using the pool is mandatory!

11. There is an unavoidable risk of slipping in the wellness area, so please take extra care for your physical safety!

12. Slippers are recommended in the wellness area, swimsuits are compulsory!

13. The use of sheets or towels is obligatory in all sauna areas!

14. If you need help to operate the saunas, please contact our colleagues!

15. Accidents or injuries must be reported to the pool manager!

16. We ask you to take extra care of the machines, equipment and furnishings in the wellness area and to keep them clean, and please use the waste bins provided. In any case, guests are financially responsible for any damage caused!