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Multident Dental Clinic

above-average-equipped dental office

In our above-average-equipped dental office, in Anna Grand Hotel, we offer our patients complete dental care, wether we are talking about implantology, periodontology, orthodontics, conservative dentistry or dental restorations.

The first consultation involves anamnesis, general dental check up, primary cancer screening of the oral cavity and an unwritten treatment plan. With our digital X-ray diagnostic system we can do panoramic pictures as well as cephalogram, what is needed for orthodontic treatment, or poriodontal state and other special radiographs.

The development of proper oral hygiene is the basic step of dental care. As part of it acquisition and improvement of individual dental care techniques and professional teeth cleaning also. This way we achieve inflammation-free gingiva and periodontal tissues.


Beside dental hygiene some people only need esthetic dental solutions such as teeth whitening. We use different methods depending on needs of patients. For example walking bleach for root canal filled teeth, light enhanced dental bleaching in office, or whitening by individual dental tray.

Healthy, cured gingival tissues are indispensable for preparing precise, well-sealed fillings. In conservative dentistry we use the latest technics and materials. Instead of amalgam, we use esthetic light-curing composite materials such as Gradia, 3M or Ivoclar. Inlays or glass fiber reinforced Ceramage bridges with inlay-anchorage are used for reconstruction of destroyed teeth and for preventing the most of existing tooth material.

Preparing fix restorations, keeping in mind criteria of biological dentistry, we take the advantages and possibilities of CAD-CAM technology, making mostly metal-free zirconium restorations, although there is also possibility to produce conventional metal fused porcelain bridges in a very precise implementation.

In case of prostheses, if it is possible, we use precision anchorages either with natural teeth or implants, to enhance the stability of the denture thereby increasing patients’ comfort.

With implantology we have more possibilities to replace missing teeth esthetically and functionally sufficiently. In our practice, we use several kinds of implant systems in order to place the best implant in each case. As all kind of dental treatment, implantology also requires inflammation-free periodontal tissues. Periodontology is the science dealing with periodontal diseases such as bleeding gum, gingival recession or periodontitis and deep periodontal pockets.

However most of dental problems are avertible. Therefor it’s very important, that our children should get among expert hands, acquire tricks of proper toothbrushing and oral care. In case of necessity they should be treated painlessly for example by ozone therapy, fluoride prophylaxis or orthodontics. The adjustment of ideal dental arches is important not only for esthetic reasons, but functionally, not to mention prevention of periodontal diseases, because regular dental arches can be cleaned much more easily and efficiently.

So far you can see that cooperation of different fields of dentistry is indispensable, if we want to treat not only teeth, but the patient. That is why more and more families choose us, because our aim is to solve the problem of all ages in the same place, so the necessary, but not definitely unpleasant interventions can take place in familiar and friendly environment.

Come and make sure of competence and kindness of our colleagues personally! Arrange appointment to our office by telephone or write an e-mail!

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